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Recover & Secure your yahoo mail account from hackers

There are benefits and limitations of any change and some adore the advantages while others take profits of disadvantages. Here we discuss Yahoo, the most preserved and superior technology, but still, it doesn’t give any guarantee that your email account won’t be hack by somebody.  But if you feel that your yahoo mail account is hacked by hackers or being accessed from an unknown location, then you no need to panic as yahoo gives recovery methods of your yahoo mail account. Change Password to recover hacked or blocked Yahoo account go to  Yahoo help center page Click on "change or reset your Yahoo Password". Here you will see 2 Option "change yahoo password or "reset a forgotten password". Click on reset a forgotten password and read the instruction. It will tell you to go,  sign-in helper . Enter one of the account recovery items listed. Click  Continue . Follow the instructions given in the Sign-in Hel